Welcome on the Homepage of Kmp3burn written by Sebastian Eschweiler.

Kmp3burn is a simple to use interface to the perl-script mp3burn written by Ryan Richter.
To use Kmp3burn you must first download the little script program : mp3burn

The Function:
Kmp3burn allows you to burn Audio-CD from MP3-Files. There is no need to uncompress the MP3-files first. This step is automatically done by Kmp3burn.

The Requirements:
Kmp3burn is a programm written in C++/Qt for Linux-Systems with KDE. So you need a running Linux system with Qt higher than 1.4. Of course you also need a CD device which allows you burning CD-ROMs.

After you have installed mp3burn and Kmp3burn you must edit this line in the script mp3burn:
$cdrecord_opts = "dev=0,1,0 speed=2 -swab -pad -audio";
Here you must specify the parameters for cdrecord in order to work correctly with your CD-Device.

As Kmp3burn is already a early beta version there are a lot of things and functions which may not work probably.

The program is disributed under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. You are allow to use
and redistribute it for free.

I hope you will enjoy Kmp3burn. Please send me bugs or suggestions.

Download Section: